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    Change your mindset

    I’m going to put my hand up and say,┬áthis is something I’ve always struggled with. Whenever I start a new project from a blog to anything personal I can tend to have a very underwhelming attitude to it. Related posts: No related posts....

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    The Going Rate For A Sponsored Post

    That very first time you get an email from a marketing company wanting to discuss a sponsored post, it’s down right exhilarating! All those hours that have gone into writing, creating your blog, building your community. An email where someone wants to pay you is......

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    How to find your writing style

    Possibly the biggest and most important issue concerning the quality of your blog articles is the style that you write them in. Related posts: No related posts....

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    How to Create a Thriving Community on Facebook

    If you want your blog to reach out to as many people as possible then it is definitely time to embrace the incredible possibilities that social media brings you. Related posts: No related posts....